Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.33.35 AMMarch 10, 2015 – Los Angeles, California, USA – InBody has added another recognition of excellence to its line of body composition analyzers with the 2015 iF DESIGN AWARD given to the InBody 770. The iF DESIGN AWARD is an internationally respected seal of quality for superiority in design and is one of the most prestigious design benchmarks in the world. The high-profile jury which judged the InBody 770 consisted of renowned experts in design, industry, and education, all of whom closely inspected each product’s every qualification.

The InBody 770 is one of a kind, combining modern aesthetics with the utmost professional design. In less than 45 seconds, the InBody 770 provides over 40 different outputs on body composition and body water, providing never before seen levels of in-depth analysis. Because the InBody 770 provides more detailed and useful outputs than all other analyzers, it is trusted by leading hospitals, professional sports teams, universities, and is often utilized for research purposes. The InBody 770 has become a valuable asset to leading wellness programs worldwide, elevating the science of body composition analysis with its accuracy and innovative technological advancements.

For over 60 years, the International Forum Design Award has been dedicated to organizing fair and reputable design awards, and only bestowed upon products representing the highest class of design and design achievements. The InBody 770 will be displayed in one of three changing exhibitions in the iF DESIGN exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. 

Inner Image is first-to-market within the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area delivering InBody’s newly released premium body composition analysis technology to the general public. The InBody 770 is the company’s most advanced equipment to date, and has received ringing endorsements from the medical, research, and athletic performance communities. To have this highly informative experience made available to your organization, school, team, hospital, company, or club, please contact Inner Image at 973-979-0789 or visit us on the web at www.inner-image.com.