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Our Mission

Inner Image is dedicated to delivering via our mobile platform a premium wellness solution specializing in the analysis of human body composition.  Combining the most progressive technology with passionate individualized care, our accomplished team is driven to inform, impact and inspire.

Owner Scott Lenz understands that there is a strong correlation between a healthy life and a life well-lived.

“We strive to help all we are fortunate enough to encounter to best understand the connection between a healthy mind, body and spirit. Once clients experience our system and see how simply these concepts tie together, it’s like witnessing the proverbial light bulb going on. Playing a role in watching that switch flip is truly exciting for us.”


What’s important to know is that body composition analysis goes far beyond strictly body fat percentage. It is arguably the most well-rounded snapshot of human health and wellness available.

Our wellness experience reveals important factors like Visceral Fat Levels – which when excessive are strongly linked to potential future risk of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and multiple types of Cancer. We also reveal overall Muscular Balance, as indicated by our Segmental Lean Analysis. Muscular imbalances can contribute greatly to one’s risk of injury during sports and leisure activities, and yes, even life’s day-to-day activities.

“We pride ourselves on helping clients interpret the values of their body composition and body water analysis reports so they can fully grasp the big picture of their present state of health,” Scott explains. “The report serves as a roadmap. Once this information is captured, explained, and understood, if needed, we can recommend our partner professionals to help craft an appropriate course of action – be it dietary changes, exercise recommendations, and/or overall lifestyle guidance.  Make no mistake, every bit as fulfilling is reviewing a client’s results analysis with them and being able to say ‘you are in great shape, literally…keep to the path you are on’.”

Inner Image believes that every individual must make his or her own choices in life. However, through the powerful combination of bleeding-edge information, delivered in a personally impactful manner, the inspiration to pursue healthier choices are much more readily within our grasp.

“Our vision is to help people, families and our society live lives that are not only healthier, but both fuller and more rewarding as a result.”