Inner Image is the manifestation of the life adventures of Scott Lenz, a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast. Through epic highs and devastating lows, Scott has developed an unmistakable passion for helping people live the healthiest and fullest life possible.

While participating in collegiate athletics and studying physical culture, Scott’s zeal garnered the attention of faculty at the University of Tampa, who recruited him to initiate an internship program within Johnson & Johnson’s innovative “Live For Life” employee wellness program.   His participation and leadership in this then revolutionary program lead Scott in a brand new direction – specifically improving the health and wellness of non-athletes through the introduction and mainstreaming of advanced fitness training methodologies previously only practiced by Olympic-caliber athletes.

Following the success of the Johnson & Johnson program, Scott was approached in the mid 1980s to manage Plus One, a new health clinic opening in New York City and one of the original private personal training practices in Manhattan. The business grew under Scott’s successful management and operational excellence, and eventually expanded to include a second facility in the just christened World Financial Center. It was at this point that Scott began developing his uncanny knack for effective, strategic and gorgeous fitness center design.


Scott subsequently opened up his own private practice called Conditioning Concepts Inc. (CCI) in New York City, and eventually relocated the business to Mendham, NJ with his new wife Eileen. After several successful years on the east coast specializing in the training of professional athletes, Scott and Eileen moved to Las Vegas, NV, where construction and facility design was booming, and the most famous and prestigious resorts were seeking Scott’s expertise in fitness center design.

After nearly a decade of tremendous success during his time in Las Vegas, Scott was dealt a tragic blow when his beloved Eileen passed away. At that point, Scott began to rethink his current path and career, and ultimately decided to bring his focus back to helping individuals live healthier lives, and return his business back east.

In 2010, Super I was born, as a tribute to Eileen – Scott’s greatest inspiration. Inspiri Wellness and later, Inner Image, were created to honor her and the motivation she cultivated in Scott. Today, Inner Image is a continuation of Scott’s beginnings, focusing on the health and wellness that is the potential in every living person.